Zoe Foster

Portrayed by  Alisa Anderson
First Appearance series 8, episode 18
Last Appearance series 8, episode 19

zoe is a friend of kacey and a new student in waterloo road .she had mistaken kacey for a boy and at the match she accidentally kisses her, leading Barry Barry to make an ignorant outburst exposing the deception. However Zoe supports kacey and along with lula, harley ,kacey and others try to keep sian to stay in waterloo road after she slapped barry. she is played by Alisa Anderson

Zoe isnt a total rule breaker however shes not the perfect student. At the starts of series 8 she is seen skipping school with Kacey and their relationship grows over the episodes, however she thinks Kacey is a boy. She is then told Kaceys in fact female. That doesnt stop her from kissing her at the end of the cup final when waterloo road won after Kaceys goals,This causes Barry to kick of and let the whole congregation know Kacey was female. Waterloo Road were then disqualified because it was a boys only final. 

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