Yasmin Deardon
Portrayed by Rhea Bailey
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 2
Last Appearance Series 1 Episode 8
Born 1991
Occupation Student
Sibling(s) Adam Deardon

Yasmin Deardon is a former Waterloo Road pupil and was the twin sister of Adam Deardon who died in a car crash in the first episode.Yasmin claims she is being neglected by her parents after Adam's death.

Yasmin was left devastated following the death of twin brother, Adam. She was convinced that Donte Charles knew more about the accident than he was letting on. Along with best friend, Janeece Bryant, Yasmin arranged for Donte to be beaten up by known bully, Hadleigh Flynn.

Later in the day, deputy head, Andrew Treneman, showed Yasmin a letter which Donte had written to Adam, proving to Yasmin that Donte did not purposefully kill Adam and that Donte cared about him very much.

Yasmin is last seen at Donte's court hearing.