Series One
Series 1 DVD case
Number of Episodes 8
Airing 9th March 2006 – 27th April 2006
Premiere Episode 1
Finale Episode 8
DVD Release
Region 1 16th October 2012
Region 2 27th March 2007
Complete 7th October 2010
Series Chronology
Previous series None
Next series Series Two

The first series of Waterloo Road was filmed in the Autumn of 2005, and began airing on March 9, 2006 and concluded April 27, 2006. A common theme throughout Series One was the threat of the school's closure by the governors owing to falling pupil numbers, bad pupil behaviour, and the bad publicity it had been receiving prior to Jack's appointment as headmaster. Rimmer, formerly deputy head, became headmaster when the previous head Brian Vasey had a nervous breakdown after 30 years at the school.

Other storylines included the death of pupil Adam Deardon in a car crash. Donte Charles, who had been driving the car involved, blamed himself for Deardon's death and was remanded into custody for three months. Donte's girlfriend Chlo Grainger also blamed herself for the death of Adam and putting her best friend Holly Tattersall in a deep coma, from which she later regained consciousness. Donte later receives a suspended sentence and Chlo is not charged with any crime, although her behaviour had contributed to Donte crashing the car.


The series also focused upon the behaviour of troubled pupil Lewis Seddon, culminating in him sexually harassing Kim Campbell. Jack Rimmer was furious when he learnt about Lewis's behaviour and expelled him, only for the governors to overrule him and reduce his expulsion to a 15-day suspension, but Lewis's mother then withdrew him from the school after Jack threatened to report her for benefit fraud unless she removed him. Lewis later attacked Jack in his office after school and tried to set him on fire, only for french teacher Steph Haydock to foil him.

Another important theme of the series was the break-up of Tom and Lorna Clarkson's short-lived marriage, due to Tom's love for another member of staff and Lorna's best friend, Izzie Redpath, who was already having family problems with her former partner and two teenage daughters, Chlo and Mika Grainger. Finally, the LEA's decide to keep Waterloo Road open for the foreseeable future.

The final moments of the first series see Lorna taking a step towards the edge of a canal.


Main Cast Edit


  • Phillip Martin Brown as Grantly Budgen, the cynical Head of English
  • Angela Griffin as Kim Campbell, the caring Head of Pastoral Care
  • Jason Done as Tom Clarkson, a popular yet confused English Teacher
  • Camilla Power as Lorna Dickey-Clarkson, a troubled English Teacher who does everything by the books
  • Denise Welch as Steph Haydock, a flamboyant French Teacher
  • Jill Halfpenny as Izzie Redpath, a popular Drama Teacher and mother of Mika and Chlo
  • Jason Merrells as Jack Rimmer, the newley appointed Head Teacher who secures the school’s future success
  • Jamie Glover as Andrew Treneman, the newley appointed Deputy Head from a privileged background
Cast of WR series 1

Main Cast - Adults


  • Adam Thomas as Donte Charles, a student who has pushed the boundaries to far
  • Katie Griffiths as Chlo Grainger, a rebellious student with a guilty conscious
  • Lauren Drummond as Mika Grainger, a kind girl, struggling with her parents' divorce
  • Chelsee Healey as Janeece Bryant, a loud mouth with a heart of gold
  • Craig Fitzpatrick as Lewis Seddon, the school bully

Main Cast - Pupils

Reccuring CastEdit

Episode ListEdit

# Episode Name Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "Episode 1 " Barnaby Southcombe Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick 9 March 2006
2 "Episode 2 " Barnaby Southcombe Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick 16 March 2006
3 "Episode 3 " Julie Edwards Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick 23 March 2006
4 "Episode 4 " Julie Edwards Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick 30 March 2006
5 "Episode 5 " Ian Bevitt Steve Griffiths 6 April 2006
6 "Episode 6 " Ian Bevitt Harry Wootliff 13 April 2006
7 "Episode 7 " Jim Loach Shaun Duggan 20 April 2006
8 "Episode 8 " Jim Loach Ann McManus & Maureen Chadwick 27 April 2006

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