Series Three Episode {{{number 2}}}
S9 EP3
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
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Princess is increasingly irritated by George, which leads to temptation with one of his pupils. There’s a battle of the sexes as Simon’s Apprentice competition takes over the school, Kevin has itchy feet and Audrey thinks she’s made a new friend.

As the council decides to roll out his Mandarin programme throughout the local area, Princess is worried about George’s poor Mandarin skills and increasingly angered by his assumption that she’ll save him from being exposed.

It is boys vs. girls as The Apprentice competition gets underway and both sides think they’ve come up with a winning idea.  Princess spots an opportunity to get revenge on George and offers to help the boys with their business.

While the others are busy, Kevin confides in Princess that he wants his life to be more adventurous before kissing her and potentially causing serious consequences for himself and George back at the school.

Elsewhere, Audrey is delighted to have found a new friend on the internet and Christine wonders if she’s got Simon all wrong?