Series Fourteen Episode {{{number 2}}}
S9 EP14
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
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Lenny gets carried away with the Resilience Programme and causes widespread panic when he accuses the local shop of shady dealings.  George and Carol’s flush of new love is marred by the arrival of his very opinionated mother. A vindictive Barry Barry visits Waterloo Road.

Simon and Hector’s Resilience programme is in full swing.  This week, the students learn the importance of vigilance or ‘no guts, no glory’ as George describes it.  With George’s words echoing in his head and no Lisa to reign him in, Lenny lets his imagination run wild and is certain the local shop is just a cover for some criminal activity.  He enlists Darren to hold a stake-out but their meddling only highlights the dangers of prejudice and wannabe heroism.

George’s mother comes to visit and sets about insulting everyone with her superior attitude and sharp tongue.  But she gets a shock when she meets Carol Barry, queen of the one liners and her son’s new girlfriend.

Barry is back and this time he won’t leave so easily.  All he wants is to come home and he’s prepared to play dirty to get there.