Steve-O Malone
Portrayed by Jody Latham
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 23
Last Appearance Series 8 Episode 26
Cause/Reason Arrested for raping Dynasty
Romances Dynasty Barry

Steve-O Malone is Dynasty Barry's ex-boyfriend and is totally bonkers about her. When he sees Dynasty with Kevin Chalk he gets furious seeing 'his girl' with another lad. He's the main antagonist of the four-parter in Series Eight.

He soon becomes in contact with Dynasty's brother Barry Barry and lets him know how he feels about the situation he's in.

Barry decides to help Steve-O as he thinks that it would be best for his sister. Steve-O threatens Dynasty and Kevin to stay away from each other which is why Dynasty breaks up with Kevin, as she is scared that Steve-O will hurt him. Steve-O soon rapes Dynasty and Kevin finds out about this. Dynasty admits it and Kevin goes ballistic and takes drastic measures. Instead of calling the police and reporting a rape case, he decides to get a gun and shoot Steve-O instead.

But when Kevin and Connor Mulgrew arrive at the place where Kevin told a guy called Bobby to leave the gun for him to pick up, Barry and Steve-O are there and Steve-O has the gun, but when he goes to pull the trigger on Kevin he finds the gun has no ammo as Barry betrayed him because he found out abouit Steve-O raping Dynasty. Barry also called the police, and when they arrived Barry says to Kevin and Connor that they 'never saw him', and he runs away, leaving Steve-O, Kevin and Connor to be arrested. This is the last we see of Steve-O. Kevin and Connor are later released.