Stephanie Haydock
Steph haydock
Portrayed by Denise Welch
First Appearance Series 1 Ep 01
Series 6 Ep 09 (guest)
Last Appearance Series 5 Ep 20
Series 6 Ep 10 (guest)
Occupation Head of French (s.1-4)
Head of Pastoral Care (s.3)
Finance Director (s.3)
French Teacher (s.5)
Romances Jack Rimmer
Dave Miller
Oliver Mead
Wards Maxine Barlow (Deceased)

Stephanie "Steph" Haydock has little control over her classes, limited respect from the pupils and is a pretty hopeless teacher. Everyone is fond of her and they turn a blind eye to the brutal fact that she’s a rubbish French teacher, but Steph harbours a maternal nature which is displayed a lot over her time at Waterloo Road. Even though she left the school, she proved a loyal friend to members of staff by returning several times when they needed her.

Personality Edit

Steph is portrayed as a pretty hopeless teacher with a taste for bending the rules. Whilst her inability to keep control over her class and help them learn properly does bother her deep down, she manages to remain in denial for most of her time at Waterloo Road.

Despite this, she has a maternal nature that most of the pupils and staff are fond of. This is displayed when she ends up taking in troubled student Maxine Barlow and eventually fostering her up until Maxine is killed, leaving Steph devastated.

She is a great friend and a shoulder to cry on for most of the staff at Waterloo Road, but sometimes has a bit of a reputation for 'sticking her nose in' and becoming too involved. Steph conceals and tries to help out her pupils as much as possible, sometimes leading to even more trouble, but she does it out of the goodness of her heart.


  • "Of course, headmaster" (first line)
  • Helen: [About Max] "I know he can be a bit severe, but, he is a pretty inspirational leader." Steph: "Really? So was Mussolini."
  • Steph: "If I had a black coffee, and I added milk, then what would happen?" Tom: "I'd have to make myself another coffee, I like mine black."
  • Steph: "Love you, Max."
  • Steph: "I'm blackmailing you, Bolton, keep up."
  • Steph: "You know, me and my Maxine, whenever one of us was down, we'd curl up on the sofa with a bar of chocolate and have a good old moan."
  • Security Dave: "Nasty things guns, Miss Haydock. I'm just trying to keep everybody safe." Steph: "Yes well I'm hardly likely to have an UZI machine gun in there am I?"