New teacher, Russell Millen, arrives for his first day and is left in the charge of Andrew. Davina tells Brett that Jack has asked her to move in with him. Davina tells Jack that she wants to move on from being a secretary and become a teaching assistant. Jack laughs it off, which makes Davina angry. Kim and Russell flirt in front of Andrew which obviously makes him jealous. Brett tells Mika that he has feelings for two people at once and one of them is Davina, shocking Mika.

Maxine tells Janeece that Steph drinks a lot and, therefore, she gets away with not doing her homework. Janeece brings it up in French class causing an argument between Maxine and Steph. Izzie and Tom are co-teaching and publicly have an argument in front of the students causing Tom to leave the class. Grantly leaves Russell in charge of his class which turns out to be a mistake as Russell ends up sending the whole class to the cooler, lying to Jack by saying they are going to the library. Andrew is on cooler duty and is unhappy that Grantly had left Russell in charge and that Russell had abused the cooler system.

Jack attempts to make amends with Davina and ends up letting her train to become a teaching assistant. Lorna continues to struggle with her MS and her relationship with Tom grows stronger. Maxine and Steph find out that Maxine does not qualify for foster care and all she would be eligible for is a homeless shelter. Tension between Izzie, Lorna and Tom rises and Jack gives them an ultimatum - stop arguing or one of them quit their job. Izzie and Tom are reluctant and so Lorna leaves. Russell finds teaching too much to cope with and buys a bottle of vodka from a local off-liscence and drinks it in the toilets. Lorna attempts to write her resignation letter but struggles to with her MS. Mika confronts Davina about her relationship with Brett. Russell drunkenly attacks a bullying pupil with a rucksack in view of Andrew and therefore is suspended.

After visiting the homeless shelter, Steph decides that she can't let Maxine stay there and therefore takes Maxine under her wing and becomes her foster carer. Kim and Andrew agree to start again.