Frequent truant, Dale Baxter, skips school again, much to the dismay of Lorna Dickey and Kim Campbell. Andrew and Jack agree that legal action should be taken. Mrs Baxter is arrested because of Dale's truancy and Dale is taken into foster care.

Jack Rimmer is interviewed by students, Brett and Chlo for the postition of Headteacher. Jack complains to Davina about Brett. Dale returns to Izzie's drama class and begins to contribute and enjoy himself.

Feedback is given from the student interview panel, everyone seems to like Mr Rimmer apart from Brett. Brett complains about him to Mika. In French class, Dale is teased for smelling by his class. Dale goes to see Kim and nearly confides in her but decides against it. Mika asks Lorna whats going on with her a Tom and tells her to stop rubbing it in Izzie's face.

Dale wets himself in his English class and Lorna takes him to see Kim. Dale loses it and runs from class to attack Rimmer. It is revealed that Dale suffers from Overactive Bladder Syndrome after Lorna does some online research. Dale is taken to the doctors where it is diagnosed and medicine prescribed.

Jack Rimmer gets he headship as the other candidate is put off by the fight with Dale in the corridor. Dale is taken to home where he apologises to his mother. She forgives him. Tom and Lorna start seeing each other again and Izzie confronts them in the pub. Lorna tells all her colleagues about her MS and finally accepts that she has it.