The news of Lorna Dickey's death is announced to the rest of the school. Meanwhile, Jack, Andrew, Kim and Roger attend the "breaking-of-the-ground" ceremony for the new Roger Aspianall Academy. American investor, Jerry Preston, introduces himself to the teachers, much to their dismay. Jerry offers to pray with them all, which they all find a bit surreal. Kim is really against someone so religious being in charge of Waterloo Road as she fears he will reliogiously influence the school.

Tom and Izzie discuss Lorna's death and Tom kisses her and Izzie tells him that she is still in love with him and both of them decide to give it another go. Izzie tells Mika and Chlo that she intends to marry Tom and asks for their blessing, which they give. Jack is still angry at Davina about Brett and Davina pleads with him. Davina asks Brett to leave to school in a desperate attempt to make things better with Jack.

Today is the day of the school's healthy eating initiative event. Lewis Seddon and his family park their burger van right outside the school gates with intention to sell to the students. Jack Rimmer is not happy about it but legally there is nothing he can do about it. It is revealed that Lewis's ASBO had been lifted. Tom and Izzie lead the healthy eating campaign, dressed as vegetables, much to Chlo's embarassment.

Janeece and Maxine go to buy junk food from Lewis' van, Maxine tells Lewis that shes not allowed to date him because she still lives with Steph.