Series 10 Episode 1
Home Sweet Home
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Lizzie Gray
Director Roberto Bangura
Writer Ann McManus
Eileen Gallagher
Credits See List
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It’s a fresh new term and dynamic headteacher Vaughan Fitzgerald and his family arrive at Waterloo Road and attempt to fit into their new lives. Darren’s world falls apart after a shocking incident at home and George learns never to cross a member of the Barry family.

A brand new family arrive at Waterloo Road and immediately shake things up both in and out of the classroom. Dominant and forward-thinking, Vaughan Fitzgerald has all the makings of the dynamic headteacher the school needs while his confident partner Allie takes the reins of the art department. But their professional veneer just might be tested as their warring children’s behaviour threatens to spill out into the classroom.

Christine vows to help Darren with his desperate situation at home but neither are prepared for the shocking scene that awaits when they try to confront his mother.

George has been bled dry by Carol over the summer and pledges to make a change. He soon finds out why no one messes with a Barry and gets away with it.


Lenny Brown Joe Slater
Darren Hughes Mark Beswick
Maggie Budgen Melanie Hill
Rhiannon Salt Rebecca Craven
Harley Taylor Kane Tomlinson-Weaver
Vaughan Fitzgerald Neil Pearson
Allie Westbrook Nicola Stephenson
Floyd Westbrook Leo Flanagan
Tiffany Westbrook Sammy Oliver
Kevin Chalk Tommy Lawrence Knight
Lisa Brown Caitlin Gillespie
Kacey Barry Brogan Ellis
Carol Barry Zoe Lucker
George Windsor Angus Deayton
Sammy Hughes Keeley Forsyth
Audrey McFall Georgie Glen
Christine Mulgrew Laurie Brett
Hector Reid Leon Ockenden
Sue Lowsley Vanessa Hehir
Simon Lowsley Richard Mylan
Sonya Donnegan Victoria Bush
Olga Fitzgerald Pooky Quensel
Justin Fitzgerald Max Bowden
Leo Fitzgerald Zebb Dempster
Lennox David McGowan
Shaznay Montrose Je'Taime Morgan Hanley
Estate Ned Daniel Kerr
Officer Jones Elliot Hardy