Series 1 Episode 6
BBC transmission date Thu 13 Apr 2006
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Claire Phillips
Executive Producer Anne Mensah
Director Ian Bevitt
Writer Harry Wootliff
Production Company Shed Production (WR) Ltd
Credits See List
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Jack is panicking about the visit from the LEA. However, he has taken some precautions, such as arranging a school trip to ensure that the worst teacher, Steph, and the most disruptive kids are well out of the Inspector’s way and under Andrew’s supervision at a local museum. Jack is surprised when the Inspector, Heather Davenport, turns out to be attractive, and also sympathetic to the pressures the school is under. However, it appears that one of the schools in the area has to close, and the spotlight is firmly on Waterloo Road!

Leaving Heather in the capable hands of Tom and Izzie in the drama studio, Kim goes to commiserate with Lorna. Although she’s upset that Tom has apparently been telling all and sundry about their split, Lorna is still in a positive frame of mind. She believes that Tom moving out can only be a good thing – once he’s spent a few weeks fending for himself he’ll realise what he’s missing and come running back to her. Over in the drama studio, Heather is very impressed by what she sees. It’s just a shame that Tom and Izzie’s good work is cancelled out by the efforts of Grantly, whose contempt for his pupils is all too obvious.

Donte’s father, Clarence, picks Chlo up from school and takes her to his son’s solicitors so that she can tell them that she was the one driving the car. However, it soon becomes clear that the pact she and Donte have made isn’t fooling anyone and may actually undermine his defence. Donte is devastated when Chlo and Clarence break the bad news. He begs Chlo to come clean and tell the truth about what really happened, but she’s much too scared. Donte’s gutted – how can she be so selfish?

At the museum, Andrew definitely has his work cut out. The kids are running riot, and Steph’s causing him a real headache with her endless suggestive comments. Still, at least one of his pupils is getting something out of the trip. Chronic troublemaker, Janeece, is immediately in awe when she sees the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Andrew is hugely gratified when she becomes progressively more fascinated by the exhibits on display. Maybe the trip hasn’t been such a waste of time after all. Back at Waterloo Road, Heather isn’t fooled by Steph’s disappearing act, nor impressed by her dismal results and teaching record. Although Heather can see that Waterloo Road is much improved, she informs Jack that if he wants the school to stay open, he must do something about getting rid of the weak-links in the staff room.

As Lorna has gone out, Izzie offers to accompany Tom on his flat-hunt. They’re still both struggling to fight the feelings they have for each other, but when they find themselves alone, they can’t resist any longer and give into their mutual desire. Although she knows that she’s betraying her best friend, Izzie is unable to hide her true feelings any longer and informs Tom that if their relationship is to work, he must come clean with Lorna immediately. However, when Lorna arrives home, Tom promptly chickens out.

Jack discusses the Steph situation with Andrew and they all agree that they have more chance of convincing the LEA to keep Waterloo Road open if she is sacked. That evening, Jack calls Steph into his office and breaks the bad news to her; he’s going to recommend to the governors that she be relieved of her teaching duties. Steph is distraught and forced into drastic action in a last ditch attempt to keep her job. If Jack goes through with his threat, she’ll report him for sexual harassment…


Jack Rimmer Jason Merrells
Izzie Redpath Jill Halfpenny
Kim Campbell Angela Griffin
Steph Haydock Denise Welch
Tom Clarkson Jason Done
Lorna Clarkson Camilla Power
Chlo Grainger Katie Griffiths
Andrew Treneman Jamie Glover
Estelle Cooper Judith Barker
Grantly Budgen Philip Martin Brown
Heather Anna Wilson-Jones
Janeece Bryant Chelsee Healey
Lewis Seddon Craig Fitzpatrick
Stacey Walsh Stephanie Laguna Walker
Museum Official David Robertson

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