Series 8 Episode 3
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Producer Nicola Larder
Director Daikin Marsh
Writer Jake Riddell
Credits See List
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It’s the day of Tariq’s kayaking time trial but a steely focus hides his true intent; Michael is publicly confronted by his past; and Connor and Christine’s unhappy homelife spills into school.

Down about his disability, Tariq takes drastic action to regain control of his life. Deciding to remove all unnecessary distractions from his life, he gives Phoenix and Josh is prized possessions. Concerned, Josh confides in Tom but his father tells him not to worry.

Phoenix attempts to get Tariq to join in a fight with Gus and the Havelock High kids who have been playing pranks on the Waterloo Road schoolhouse. Tariq tells Phoenix life’s too short for petty fights. Josh probes Tariq about his out-of-character comments but his concern is misinterpreted as pity.

Tariq is unsettled when his friends say they’ll be at his kayaking trials. Desperate to go alone, he tricks Phoenix and Gus into arranging a fight with Havelock High as a distraction.

Alone at the harbour, Tariq’s true intentions are revealed leaving Tom and Michael with a race against time to stop his fateful plans.

Elsewhere, Gerard Findlay is on a mission to discredit Michael. Plastering an unsettling archive newspaper story about Michael’s past throughout the school, Gerard is caught red-handed by Grantly – but finds an unlikely ally within the Waterloo Road ranks.

As word of Michael’s former indiscretion circulate the school corridors, Lorraine is horrified by the news and Sian struggles to see Michael’s side of the story.

Also this week, Imogen snubs Connor leading him to believe she’s not interested; Christine clashes with Audrey when she shows concern for Connor’s homelife; and Madi takes a shine to new boy Gus.


Tariq Siddiqui Naveed Choudhry
Michael Byrne Alec Newman
Tom Clarkson Jason Done
Gerard Findlay Alex Norton
Sian Diamond Jaye Jacobs
Lorraine Donnegan Daniela Denby-Ashe
Christine Mulgrew Laurie Brett
Josh Stevenson William Rush
Connor Mulgrew Shane O'Meara
Imogen Stewart Kirstie Steele
Madi Diamond Georgia Henshaw
Phoenix Taylor Kaya Moore
Rhiannon Salt Rebecca Craven
Jodi 'Scout' Allen Katie McGlynn
Grantly Budgen Philip Martin Brown
Daniel Chalk Mark Benton
Audrey McFall Georgie Glen
Janeece Bryant Chelsee Healey
Maggie Croft Melanie Hill
Harley Taylor Kane Tomlinson-Weaver
Lula Tsibi Marlene Madenge
Jade Fleming Paige Meade