Scott Fairchild
Portrayed by Andrew Still
First Appearance Series 10 Ep 11
Last Appearance Series 10 Ep 20
Cause/Reason End of the programme
Romances Kenzie Calhoun
Alisa Calhoun
Bonnie Kincaid

Scott Fairchild is a facetious bully who the boys at Waterloo Road see as a nasty character and whom the girls all fancy. In Episode 12, Scott tries to start a fight with Kevin Chalk which doesn't go down well. Scott causes a lot of trouble in Episode 12 as he sabotages the school's new bike initiative and also brings up Kevin Chalk's past of him having a stroke which also leads on to his fight threat with Kevin. Bearing in mind this fight threat, Kenzie Calhoun tries to talk Scott out of it by saying do the right thing for once.