Sammy Hughes
Portrayed by Keeley Forsyth
First Appearance Series 9 Episode 18
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 1
Cause/Reason Died from self inflicted drug overdose
Died Series 10 Episode 1
Children Darren Hughes
The secretive, overly defensive and overall run-down Sammy Hughes was the objectional mother of Darren Hughes. Her life was a misery, as she lived in a girthy terrace cornered with criminals and chavs. She slept on the bed while Darren got the couch in the living room. The only reason where Sammy appeared in Waterloo Road was for Christine Mulgrew to inform him of Darren's indecent behaviour of taking pictures of Rhiannon Salt as well as many other members of Waterloo Road. In Series 10 Episode 1 Christine Mulgrew went to her home because of Darren stealing from her boyfriend only to find her lying in her bed, dead from a drug overdose despite getting clean.

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