Rory Bears
Portrayed by Josh Hanlon
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 7
Last Appearance Series 1 Episode 8
Born 1991
Parents Name Unknown (Mother)
Rory Brears is a former pupil of Waterloo Road. Rory is openly homosexual and as a result is subject to a number of homophobic bullying attacks.

Rory is running through a dance routine that is going to be performed at the school's open day with pupils such as, Janeece Bryant when Lewis Seddon first attacks him.

Lewis steals some of Rory's gay men's magazines after another one of his attacks. Rory goes to Grantly Budgen about the bullying but Grantly is far from sympathetic.

Grantly finds Lewis in possession of the magazines and takes the matter to headteacher, Jack Rimmer and calls in Rory's mother. Rory's mother is outraged that nothing has been done about Lewis's bullying and joins Rory in gaining signatures on his petition to stop homophobic bullying.

The LEA inspector thinks the petition is a really good idea and backs the movement whole heartedely. Lewis sees this and headbutts Rory in full view of Kim Campbell, leaving Rory's mother threatening to wihdraw Rory from school. This is quickly averted as Lewis Seddon is excluded.