Series 8 Episode 4
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Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
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Read My Lips is the fourth episode of both Series 8 Autumn Term and Series 8 Overall of Waterloo Road.


It is Imogen's birthday, and she has a secret that she wants to share with Connor - but can she trust him? Meanwhile, Christine and Connor's relationship goes from bad to worse, rival headmaster Gerard claims Michael attacked him, and Sian reaches out to Michael's estranged father.


It’s Imogen’s birthday but, unlike her attention-seeking mother Sally, she doesn’t want any fuss. At school, Imogen’s horrified to discover her fitness guru mum is helping with Tariq’s rowing fundraiser. And, worse still, Sally’s lycra-tight outfits and flirtatious manner draw attention – especially from Gus who bets his school mates he can score with the older woman.

Jealousy rears its ugly head when Christine witnesses a closeness between Connor and Imogen. Worried Connor might be confiding in Imogen about her drinking habit, Christine snaps at her son. But Connor retaliates – he’ll make his mother’s life a misery if she doesn’t back off.

Later, at Imogen’s party in the school house, a tipsy Sally turns up uninvited. Sensing Imogen’s shame, Connor asks Sally to leave. Feeling protected, Imogen reveals her hidden secret to Connor.

Also, Connor and Christine’s relationship is strained after she refuses to forgive him for slapping her. Upset and angry after another confrontation, Connor finds a dangerous outlet for his frustrations.

Elsewhere, Havelock High’s Gerard Findlay attempts to cause a storm of controversy falsely alledging Michael assaulted him. Taking matters into her own hands, Sian seeks out Michael’s estranged father, Billy, to set the record straight. But opening old wounds proves painful.



  • This episode marks the first appearances of Sally Stewart (Jenny Ryan) and Billy Byrne (Ron Donachie).
  • This episode reveals that Imogen is deaf.
  • This episode saw the official start of Connor and Imogen's Romantic Relationship.