Ralph Mellor
Portrayed by Malcolm Scates
First Appearance Series 4 Ep 1
Last Appearance Series 4 Ep 20
Cause/Reason Arrested after destroying the school
Occupation Chair of Governors (-S4 E6)

Police Officer

Children Flick Mellor

Ralph Mellor is the former Chair of Governors of Waterloo Road, and is the father of head girl Flick Mellor. He is the main antagonist of the Fourth Series.

He is quite a vicious character, with a vendetta against Rachel Mason, after last term.

He destroyed the school in Series 4 Episode 20, and only stopped after Rachel stood in front of the digger allowing Eddie to get the keys, and call the police.

He also had a huge prejudice against the Kelly family. He was frustrated at his daughter relationship with Marley Kelly and so beat him with a golf club. Also he switched the positive drug test of his daughter, Flick, with the negative result of Marley, to clear Flick's name, however she owns up.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ralph's actor, Malcolm Scates, passed away on the 6th September 2016 aged 58.