Prince Kelly
Untitled 6
Portrayed by Unknown
First Appearance Series 4 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 7
Cause/Reason Left with Rose Kelly
Born 2007
Mother Rose Kelly
Half-Brothers Marley Kelly
Earl Kelly
Denzil Kelly (Deceased)
Half-Sisters Sambuca Kelly (Deceased)
Nephews Unnamed

Prince Kelly is the son of Rose Kelly. He has 3 older half-brothers; Marley KellyEarl Kelly and Denzil Kelly, and an older sister, Sambuca Kelly. He has had a hard life, he lost his sister Sambuca of cancer when he was 4 and his brother Denzil in a car accident when he was 4 and a half, and his brother Earl is in jail for murder since he was  1 and a half.

He lives with his mum Rose Kelly and still has two older half-brothers alive, Marley, 21, who is in university, and Earl, 20, who is in jail for murdering his ex-girlfriend, Maxine Barlow.