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Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
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Paradise Lost is the tenth and final episode of Series 8 Autumn Term.


Connor snaps when Christine scuppers his plans to run away with Imogen. Elsewhere, Kevin reaches out to Chalky, Lorraine puts a student's welfare before the good of the school and Michael finally gives in to his ill father's pleas to help end his life.


It’s the last day of term but not everyone is in good spirits. Back on the booze, Christine blames work pressures and doesn’t even try to hide her alcoholism from Connor. But unbeknownst to Christine, Connor is secretly plotting with Imogen to run away together.

However, Connor and Imogen’s plans to move into the empty schoolhouse during the holidays are threatened after Christine overhears Scout and Phoenix talking.

Frustrated by Waterloo Road’s poor academic improvements, Lorraine announces some harsh business decisions for the school. To her, the solution is simple – get rid of poor performers like Phoenix.

Michael is horrified and instead urges Lorraine to reconsider. And when he discovers Tariq has been accepted for the national Para-canoe team, it’s proof to Lorraine how Waterloo Road can reverse the fortunes of problematic pupils.

Sussing out Kevin is deliberately downplaying his academic abilities, Chalky confronts him. But it’s not long before the unlikely pair realise they’ve got more than just a head for maths in common, leading Kevin to suggest that Chalky fosters him.

Later, at Tariq’s leaving party, the celebrations are cut short when danger comes calling. Frustrated by his mother’s interference in his life, Connor takes drastic action, with explosive consequences for the school and girlfriend Imogen.

Michael’s own family dramas come to a head when he agrees to help his father, Billy, end his life. But not everyone sympathises with his decision which ultimately puts his future at Waterloo Road in jeopardy.



  • This episode saw the last appearances of Tariq Siddiqui and Billy Byrne.
  • In this episode, Christine's alcoholism was exposed by Connor to the staff of Waterloo Road.