New Highs New Lows is the final episode in series 9


A sober Christine deals with the repercussions of her drink driving offence. Kacey is selected for the Commonwealth Games but Gabriella soon puts an end to her happiness. Nikki’s future at Waterloo Road is suddenly thrown into uncertainty.

Connor returns to support a vulnerable Christine amidst the fallout of her drink driving incident. Though she vows to make amends, both the school and the Education Board are divided on her future at Waterloo Road.

Kacey and Gabriella’s feud escalates and turns nasty as Gabriella causes an accident that leaves Kacey’s boxing dreams in tatters.

Nikki’s career is called into question when a student makes an accusation against her. Vix reaches out to her in support, but will there be time for them to reconcile before Vix leaves for good?

Last Appearance of Connor Mulgrew (Shane O Meara), Nikki Boston (Heather Peace), Imogen Stewart (Kirstie Steele) and Vix Spark (Kristin Atherton)