Ndale Kayuni
Portrayed by Richie Campbell
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 20
Last Appearance Series 8 Episode 27
Cause/Reason Arrested for being an illegal immigrant
Occupation school handy man
Romances Audrey McFall
Sonya Donnegan

Ndale Kayuni is from Malawi and his visa is about to expire so he tries to marry Audrey McFall so he can stay in the country but is arrested when the police find out that he's an illegal immigrant. It was probably Sonya that told the local authorities that his visa has expired.


Ndale comes to Waterloo Road as a kind person,  helping Sonya, and then he's the handyman. He also has romances with Audrey McFall.

Sonya DonneganEdit

Sonya develops a crush on Ndale and has an affair with him behind Audrey McFall's back. When she learns about his plans to marry Audrey she calls immigration on him.

Audrey McFallEdit

Ndale ruins her life by betraying her into marriage.