Michaela White
Michaela white
Portrayed by Zaraah Abrahams
First Appearance Series 3 Episode 12
Last Appearance Series 5 Episode 20
Cause/Reason Graduated
Born 1992
Father Gary White
Brothers 1 unnamed
Spouse(s) Philip Ryan
Romances Bolton Smilie
Sons Kyle White

“Oh no, not Michaela White'” was a phrase muttered by both the staff and pupils whenever they saw Michaela approach along the school corridors. Michaela started out as one of Waterloo Road’s biggest bullies, with a bag full of sass and the attitude of a future ASBO queen. However, with some time, attention (and perhaps some kind of miracle) Michaela learnt to reign in her infamous temper. It was Michaela who put an end to the girl gang rivalry that spiraled out of control when Waterloo Road merged with another local school and after leaving with surprisingly good grades – she was determined to bag herself a decent career.

Since leaving Waterloo Road, Michaela’s been working as a steward for a ninety-nine-pence-a-flight airline, on their Manchester to Glasgow run.

In Waterloo Road Reunited, it is revealed that Michaela fell pregnant, giving birth to a son called Kyle. In the reunion party, she was given a new job in Dubai but in order to go to Dubai, she had to be married. She attempted to trick Bolton Smilie into marrying her however when that didn't work, she resorted to deception, claiming Bolton was the father of her son. When they had a DNA test, it was revealed he wasn't the father but continued her deception. Eventually, Danielle Harker, who was in a relationship with Bolton, discovered the truth, who told her boyfriend. He ended his friendship with Michaela and began being hostile towards her.

Philip Ryan, who had feelings for Michaela, offered to marry her and she happily accepted. When Bolton found out, on the stag and hen night, he was extremely jealous as he was still harbouring romantic feelings for her. Eventually, Bolton and Michaela got back together.


  • Michaela is in the girls football team but is not an original member.
  • Michaela plays the jazz flute , which in Series 5 made Grantly Budgen cry.
  • Michaela has been in a physical fight with Lauren Andrews, Janeece Bryant, Lindsey James and Cassie.
  • In Waterloo Road Reunited, Michaela is offered a job in Dubai.