Maxine Barlow
Maxine barlow
Portrayed by Ellie Paskell
First Appearance Series 2 Ep. 4
Last Appearance Series 4 Ep 8
Cause/Reason Shot dead by Earl Kelly
Occupation Student
Guardian Steph Haydock
Romances Earl Kelly
Lewis Seddon
Daughters Charlotte Seddon (Stillborn)

Maxine "Max" Barlow (1991 - 2009) was a Student at Waterloo Road. Originating from a troubled background, her Mother had married a man who was working as a cook at Waterloo Road, using the position to get close to underage teenage girls. Maxine discovered the truth, telling teacher and friend Steph Haydock freeing her boyfriend Lewis, who was wrongly convicted as being the rapist.

Over time, she grew close to Earl Kelly, her best friend Janeece Bryant, and eventually Steph Haydock, who soon became a good friend and carer. It was revealed Maxine had a baby with Lewis Seddon, an ex-pupil who had been expelled. As she could not find help during her labour, she gave birth on the field of the school - however, the baby had died, so she buried her baby girl, Charlotte, in the field. In Series 3, the skeletal remains of her baby were found by Karla Bentham, who was helping Janeece during an archeological dig for a school project. After the police became involved, (looking for the mother of the baby), Maxine admitted to being the mother to Janeece who then told Steph. It was revealed and she proceeded to tell Lewis that he was a dad, as he didn't know she was ever pregnant.

Maxine was first portrayed as a wild child, presumably homeless, she managed to scrape an income helping to deal drugs. Around this time she was in a relationship with Lewis Seddon, and was seen in bed with him at Donte Charles's house, before proceeding to steal a number of items. After this she tried to steal Steph's handbag and was allowed to stay at her home. In Series 4 Maxine met Earl Kelly and grew close and planned to have a baby together, then she found out Earl was going to sell his other newborn baby and dumped him. Earl went to Maxine's house with plans for Maxine knowing what he was going to do to her, and threw Janeece out at this point Janeece knew something was wrong and imidietly called steph by this point Earl had already shot Maxine dead as she proceeded to torment him. Earl was then arrested by a police firearms response unit. Later, at Chlo and Donte's wedding, balloons were made for Maxine and then released into the sky.