Madi Diamond
Portrayed by Georgia Henshaw
First Appearance Series 7 Ep 10
Last Appearance Series 8 Ep 8
Cause/Reason Left School
Mother Sarah Brown
Father Jez Diamond
Brothers Zack Diamond
Romances Gus Hancock

Madi Diamond is a classic Princess: needy, vain, gorgeous and high maintenance! Madi was the apple of her father’s eye when her parents were together and took the break-up of their marriage personally – why would her dad leave her? As a result Madi’s self-confidence is on the floor. She desperately seeks affirmation and wants to be adored.

Following in her father’s footsteps, Madi has grown into quite a vain creature – spending hours applying make-up, fake tans and false eyelashes. Given free reign of her dad’s credit card, Madi will think nothing of spending big wads of his cash on getting her eyelashes permed, if it makes her more eligible. We first meet Madi when their mother publically dumps her with her younger brother Zack at Waterloo Road and she comes face to face with her biggest competitor for her dad’s affections – Sian.

Used to getting her own way, Madi will get into sulk if she doesn’t, which Lauren, Trudi or Vicki would have no patience for…She soon finds Ronan’s easy-going, cocky sense of humour reassuring, and his confident attitude builds her own confidence. Madi becomes a devoted friend to him, but their friendship grates on Vicki.

Series 7Edit

After Sian and her dad Jez split up, Madi decides that she wants to go live with Sian Diamond rather than go away with her dad, even though she hated Sian at the beginning.