Luke Pendle
Portrayed by Richie Jeeves
First Appearance Series 5 Ep 01
Last Appearance Series 5 Ep 10
Occupation Student
Parents Carer - Debbie
Romances Siobhan Mailey

Luke Pendle is a former student at Waterloo Road. He is popular and good-looking but his funny-guy persona is hiding a secret about his background that even his girlfriend Siobhan doesn’t know - he lives in a care home. Knowing Siobhan is from a nicely-off family with pretty outspoken views, Luke has been careful to keep his background a secret - making sure he always walks Siobhan home and fobbing off any suggestion of going back to his. He dreads the thought of his secret coming out, and how Siobhan will react.

Siobhan doesn't seem to care about his background, and after one very interesting day they sort things out and are still are happy couple.

Luke can also play the guitar and he performs 'Wonderwall' by oasis with his best friend Josh Stevenson at the Waterloo Road talent show

He doesn't appear in any later episodes and all though it is not said directly on the show it is clear that him and Siobhan broke-up off screen. Its unknown what year Luke is in, as he is never in the same classes has his friends, Luke might be older so he either left school or moved.