Lorraine Donnegan
Portrayed by Daniela Denby-Ashe
First Appearance Series 7 Ep 28
Last Appearance Series 8 Ep 28
Cause/Reason School handed over to the local authority.
Born 16th March 1981
Occupation Business Woman (2012 - 2013)
School Benefactress(2012 -2013)
Parents Maureen Donnegan
Sibling(s) Sonya Donnegan
Romances Nikki Boston (2013)

Philanthropist and businesswoman, Lorraine Donnegan is a former pupil of Michael’s and benefactor of the new Waterloo Road school.

Lorraine first met Michael when he was starting out as a teacher. She was an educational no-hoper; Michael taught her to believe that she could achieve greatness which inspired her to go to night school and better herself. Wealthy and extremely driven, Lorraine’s a dot-com millionaire who wholeheartedly believes in the power of education and headhunted Michael to make her Waterloo Road vision become a reality. But although she says he is in charge… can she really stop herself from interfering?

Lorraine left Waterloo Road with Michael Byrne after agreeing to hand the school over to the local authority. Before she left she was planning to turn Waterloo Road fee paying, and rename the school 'The Lorraine Donnegan Institution of Excellence.' After some honest words from Nikki Boston, she realised her plans would not work. Her and Michael had a brief conversation about whether they were a success, to which they agree they were. Michael and Lorraine leave Waterloo Road for good going their separate ways.


  • She did ballet
  • Daniela was in Series 4, acting as supply teacher Jem Allen.