Lionel Tsibi was the uncle of Lula Tsibi and brother-in-law of Cecile Tsibi. In Series 8, Lionel somehow becomes convinced that Satan is present in Lula's soul, and deems it necessary that an exorcism is necessary, while keeping it a secret from anyone concerned for Lula, even her ailing mother.

After Lula makes some remarks to Tariq Siddiqui about god punishing him for his misdeeds by making him wheelchair bound, and Tom Clarkson berates her, she is forced to come clean to him and Michael Byrne about the plans of Lionel and the Pastor, although her uncle denies all knowledge of an exorcism when Tom visits the family home, and proceeds to tell Tom that she is a very good actress and enjoys making stories that aren't true.

In Episode 2 of Series 8, Lionel snatches Lula from the school gates while she is talking to Imogen Stewart, she is later seen being dragged into a church by her uncle and being told that 'Only the Pastor will help her now', after being informed by Imogen about Lula being snatched from the school gates, Tom races to the Tsibi Residence to ask Lula's mother, Cecile, if she knows anything about the exorcism, only to be told that Lionel is a good man, that he provides for them and that he would never do anything like what him or Lula describe, until he mentions that he thinks that they are with the Pastor.

The two race to the church, and Tom immediately crashes the exorcism, Lionel tries to tell him it is not his concern due to it being a 'Family Matter' and that he should leave, until Cecile barges in and greets her daughter with open arms, and repulses Lionel's claims that he was doing what is good for her, and berates him in front of the Pastor for being an avaricious and overbearing man.

Behind The ScenesEdit

Lionel was portrayed by Cornell S John, who is perhaps better known for appearing in EastEnders in 2013 as Sam James, the estranged father of Dexter Hartman.

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