Linda Radleigh
Sarah hadland waterloo road
Portrayed by Sarah Hadland
First Appearance Series 7 Episode 13
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 21
Cause/Reason Arrested for the hit and run of Michael
Born 4th June 1974
Occupation Head of English
Head of Pastoral Care
Romances Michael Byrne(2011 - 2012)
Daniel Chalk(2011)

Linda Radleigh is an old friend and great supporter of Michael’s education methods. Linda brings the standards of her professional appearance to her work as an English teacher but there’s an exciting and fun core to her lessons. She can make learning a poem off by heart ‘a good laugh’ and she loves to banter with the children – as long as the boundaries are set by her and the kids know exactly what they are. She is the main antagonist of the second part of the seventh series.

She handles discipline with a ‘more in sorrow than in anger’ approach. She’ll be ‘let down’ or ‘disappointed’ by a recalcitrant child’s behaviour, knowing she can almost always make them feel ashamed of themselves this way.

For all Linda’s easy manner and wide group of friends, there’s a bit of a (hidden) well of loneliness there. She lives alone in a basement flat and has a pet rabbit in her 8 by 8 garden. Linda was unlucky in love in her early twenties and hasn’t ever really got over it – that is until Michael awakens a sleeping desire.

After finding out about Michael's affair with Sian, Linda takes a drastic action and runs him over and causes Michael to end up in hospital with memory loss. However it doesn't take long before Linda is arrested for attempted murder.