Series Nine Episode Seven
S9 EP7
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
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The pupils and staff are coming to terms with the loss of Grantly and Nikki has a tough decision to make when her estranged daughter turns up at the school. Kacey is excited about going to America and decides to take matters into her own hands when Carol refuses to let her go.

Nikki is shocked when her estranged daughter, Eve turns up at the school having run away from home. Eve is angry with her father who lied to her as a child and told her that Nikki was dead.  Eve’s arrival is also difficult for Kacey. She’s feeling neglected by Nikki and needs her help to persuade a furious Carol Barry to allow her to go the training camp in America. With Nikki’s attentions divided between Eve and Kacey, an emotional Nikki eventually decides she must tell her daughter the truth.

Maggie puts on a brave face and is determined to get straight back to work, leading some to worry about how she’s really coping without Grantly.

When Sue slips on a wet floor, the school’s sponsored clean scheme backfires and the accident leads to a bigger breakdown in Christine and Simon’s relationship.