Liberty Gordon
Portrayed by Adiza Shardow
First Appearance Future Proof
Last Appearance Hero
Cause/Reason Left for university
Born 9th November 1994
Occupation Student
Parents Sandra Gordon
Romances Tariq Siddiqui

Liberty Gordon has had to grow up quickly and as a young carer to her mum, Sandra who has rheumatoid athritis.  Unfortunatly for Liberty she has often had to surrender her own happiness to perform her responsibilities. Her first love is sports, but Liberty is also interested in her education. She wants to use her final year at Waterloo Road to achieve the best results she can, but will she get the grades she needs to realise her university ambitions?

Liberty was Havelock’s head girl, but she later transfered to Waterloo Road where she formed a relationship with Tariq.  Liberty was portrayed by Adiza Shardow.

Liberty was a sensible girl and was close friends with Imogen 

Liberty was interviewed for a place at university and got the place she appeared at grantly's fundraising party and wasn't seen again it is most likely she had got to university and her mother was taken into a care home . Liberty rarely apeared , she has only had one storyline .


Liberty lives at 5 Call Road, Greenock.

Liberty was actually not even an important character despite the hype.

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