Leo Fitzgerald
Portrayed by Zebb Dempster
First Appearance Series 10 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 20
Cause/Reason End of the programme
Mother Olga Fitzgerald
Father Vaughan Fitzgerald
Brothers Justin Fitzgerald

Leo Fitzgerald is the shy, bespectacled brother of Justin Fitzgerald and the son of Olga and Vaughan. Seeming far more keen to fit in to Waterloo Road and at the Westbrook's house, Leo appeared quieter and far less aggressive than his older brother. In series 10 episode 7 Leo and Kevin hacked into a multinational company and the police came to Vaughan's house at 6am that house and said that they had to check and shut down all the IT equipment for that day.That caused complete mayhem at the school.

He is also the cyberbully of Bonnie Kincaid, which occurred because he had developed an inferiority complex and just wanted to be noticed.


Leo's personality is only vaguely revealed throughout the majority of his first series appearance. He is surprisingly lonely and self-contained, unlike his brother who appears to be more outgoing and loud. Leo later shows himself to be unexpectedly empathetic, shown by how he emotionally connect with people that others deem dangerous. He is also very serene, even in dangerous situations. Leo is also quite brilliant, shown by his computer-hacking skills and even the misanthropic George Windsor labels him as an extremely talented pupil.

Leo's personality is vastly more detailed in the final series of the franchise. Aside from his predetermined empathy, genius and extreme self-containment, Leo displays a genuine affection for Bonnie Kincaid, however he felt seriously embittered when she didn't return his affection. He also develops a dangerous gaming-addiction, which possibly started as a distraction that went out of hand, and started becoming violent when he was not allowed to play on this game.

Leo was very malicious in bullying Bonnie Kincaid, letting out his anger on her through directly texting and emailing her insults and threats, and even going so far as to distribute defaced images of her. When he is finally confronted by the rest of his family, his true colors are revealed. Leo likens his bullying to that of his gaming addiction - he tried it once, harmlessly, and then he couldn't stop. He shows himself to be extremely bitter and reveals that he developed an intense inferiority complex - he just wanted a little more attention than was given, and thinks he has always been second-choice, and the one that nobody worries about, and cannot understand why Justin attracts attention so easily. He feels that his brilliance and empathy wasn't enough to attract attention, so he resorted to bullying and abuse.


"Hi." (First line, said to Christine Mulgrew)


Leo: Oh sorry bro (Sarcasticlly)

''Look, i know how it feels to be lonely, all you want to do is run away... but ive found, you cant run away from yourself, all your problems will just go with you"