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Jimmy Grainger
Portrayed by David Crellin
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 1 Episode 4
Romances Izzie Redpath (Deceased)
Children Mika Grainger

Chlo Grainger

Grandchildren Izzie Charles
Screenshot 2014-11-25 at 19.45.26

Jimmy Grainger on top of the school's roof.

Jimmy Grainger is the father of Mika and Chlo and the ex-husband of Izzie Redpath. On the night of Chlo's car accident, Jimmy is supposedly meant to be looking after the girls whilst Izzie was attending Tom and Lorna's wedding. However, Chlo persuades him to leave her and Mika on their own so that she can go out with Donte.

After this, Jimmy finds himself in a constant battle with Izzie over seeing his daughters. Leading him to reverting to extreme measures such as protesting in a rabbit costume on the school roof.

Izzie tells Chlo and Mika that Jimmy hasn;t been paying her anything to look after them with. This leads him to giving up.

The next time we hear of him is in Series 3 when Chlo and Donte get married, and Chlo has a note of permission from her father.

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