Jed Seddon
300px-Wr character Jed Seddon
First Appearance Series 2 Ep 11
Last Appearance Series 2 Ep 12
Cause/Reason Escaped after fighting Jack and accidentally stabbing Izzie as she ran to help Jack.
Spouse(s) Ma Seddon
Nieces and Nephews Lewis Seddon
 Jed Seddon is the Uncle of Lewis and he makes it evident that bad behaviour runs in the family. Tensions rise between him and Jack Rimmer when Jack bans his students from leaving the school gates at breaks to attend the Seddons' burger van.

As Jed's anger builds up he confronts Jack one evening in the school car park but gets more than he bargained for when Jack fights back. As a result, Jed draws a knife which he tussles over with Jack. On seeing the struggle, Izzie Redpath runs to Jack Rimmer's aid but is fatally stabbed and dies in Jack's arms.

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