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Jasmine new
Jasmine Koreshi
Portrayed by Shabana Bakhsh
First Appearance Series 3 Ep 01
Last Appearance Series 4 Ep 20
Occupation English Teacher
Romances Rob Cleaver
Jasmine Koreshi is bright, smiling and enthusiastic. She is a strong believer in doing things by the book – as she’s been taught at college – and her obsession with dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’ aggravates some of the more laid back members of staff such as fellow English teacher Grantly. Jasmine quickly became good mates with Davina and are each other’s confidantes. However, their friendship was severely tested when Jasmine became besotted with Rob, the new PE teacher, and Davina finds herself having to give Jasmine bad news about her new love. Jasmine left Waterloo Road for pastures new after the truth about Rob came out. Essentially Jasmine has strong opinions and good intentions. She is good friends with Davina Shackleton and Matt Wilding.
Jasmine Koreshi

Jasmine left Waterloo Road at the end of series 4 for an unknown reason.


  • If you spent less time floating like a butterfly, I wouldn't have to sting you with a D
  • If you didn't give me so much lip i wouldn't give ye a detention 

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