About IzzieEdit

Izzie Charles is the baby daughter of Chlo Grainger and Donte Charles. Izzie was named after Chlo's late mother Izzie Redpath, who was fatally stabbed by Lewis Seddon's uncle.

Chlo had gone into labour in the girls' toilet while Donte was ready to run away from her. Kim Campbell had helped Chlo give birth to baby Izzie. Janeece Bryant ran to tell Donte and Donte had ran to find Chlo in the toilets.

Chlo had wanted to put baby Izzie up for adoption but Donte wanted to keep the baby so he threatened a divorce.

Later in hospital Donte had gone along with the plan to put the baby up for adoption. Izzie can be seen with her parents in the Series 4 finale. After Chlo was offered a spot in Manchester University and Tom wanted her to go even though she didn't want to; Tom bought the family a house right next to the University. In the end Chlo, Donte and baby Izzie all moved to Manchester. Chlo Grainger and Donte Charles and Izzie live happily ever after.

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