Series 8 Episode 30
S8 E30
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Credits See List

Kyle Stack returns, intending to finish his studies, but Tom immediately wants him out. Simon, however, tries to give him a chance. After much persuasion, Christine agrees. Meanwhile, Harley and Lula try and raise money to buy Grantly a DVD player at a charity auction being held that evening. Tom starts to warm to Kyle, but later, Kyle attacks Barry with a chair and runs off, after Barry taunts him about being in prison. Kyle gets very close towards Rhiannon. That evening, the auction is held, with Kevin and Connor hosting it. Kacey is outside kicking her football. Tom asks her if she should be inside and promises her that she could be the captain of the new girls football team he is going to start in the new school year. Grantly does not want to accept the kidney from Tom but later on he decides that he will, after some persuasion. Kyle is on the roof ready to jump off. When the auction finishes, the whole school comes out and sees the commotion unfold. Tom goes to the roof and persauades Kyle to come down. Kyle agrees but tragedy strikes when, much to horror of everyone, Tom stumbles backwards and falls off the roof. Christine begs him to stay alive but he dies. When her and Connor get home she is clearly upset. She has a bottle of vodka, but after one sip, she tips it down the sink. The next day, the school hold an assembly and pay tribute to Tom. Everyone is clearly upset. Outside, Kacey is kicking her football against a wall and looks at where Tom fell.