Hector Reid
Portrayed by Leon Ockenden
First Appearance Happy Ever After
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 10
Occupation PE Teacher
Romances Nikki Boston
Sue Lowsley

Hector Reid was a jocular and sometimes vitriolic teacher of PE in Waterloo Road. He was a primary victim of Gabriella Wark, who continually tried to sexually induce him, and often punishing him when he refused. Hector once slept with Nikki Boston. He is also a Rangers Ultra. He sits in Section BF1 with Union Bears

Hector had a strange personality. He was often friendly to his students and promoted the usage of resilience as hired by Simon Lowsley, but when people such as Gabriella Wark got into his nerves he would often humiliate them, as done in front of the whole class, Nikki Boston and Vix Spark. As of his first appearance, he was incredibly cool-demeanoured and laid-back, almost mentally invulnerable to others, he tries to maintain a calm manner even in toxic or challenging situations.

He makes sardonic jokes about almost insane things, particularly when Gabriella tried to take his van and escape the school. Despite being extremely positive and kind-natured, he was quite malicious when doing this, so Gabriella and Barry Barry punctured his motorcycle tyre in return.

Hector slept with Nikki Boston, and Gabriella Wark found out and started to say things about Vix and Nikki and then Vix found out and broke up with Nikki, but they later reconciled. In episode 20 Nikki leaves for Berlin with Vix, and Hector kisses Vix's sister, Sue Lowsley.


  • Hector and Sue are actually married in real life. Leon and Vanessa have a three year old daughter together, called Lyla Ockenden