Series 9 Episode 10
S9 EP10
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
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Happy Ever After is the 10th episode of Series 9 of Waterloo Road. This episode shows Kacey Barry leaving Waterloo Road to go to America to get professional training for boxing.

Are We Going Somewhere?Edit

This episode also shows that Barry Barry get disowned by his mum (Carol Barry) after finding out about that he stole the money that was raised by the school.

Also what you see in this episode is Simon Lowsley and Christine Mulgrew having a interview with Robert Bain to see who gets the job as the Head Teacher.

Stevie MackEdit

At the start of this episode we see Stevie getting bullied by Lisa Brown and Shaznay Montrose because of Stevie's stammer. Christine Mulgrew gets her son (Connor Mulgrew) to speak to Stevie Mack in front of his mum about her alcoholism. We also see Simon Lowsley getting punched round the face by Stevie Mack.

The Wedding!!Edit

We see Simon Lowsley,Sue Lowsley,Vix Spark and Robert Bain looking round their new house, and what we also get to see at the end of the episode is Simon Lowsley and Sue Lowsley getting married away from other guests as they would rather get married in private and let all the guests to enjoy the party.