Series Thirteen Episode {{{number 2}}}
S9 EP13
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
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Gabriella continues to make more enemies than friends, leading to a dangerous situation for the girls on a night out.  Christine struggles with her emotions as Connor leaves for London and Nikki worries about Eve’s reaction to her engagement.

When Dynasty embarrasses her in front of Hunky Hector, Gabriella declares war and begins to sabotage Dynasty’s friendships and schoolwork.  Imogen and Rhiannon join Gabriella for a night out but it doesn’t take long for them to find themselves in trouble.  A knight in tarnished armour makes a shock return and quickly captures Gabriella’s wandering eye.

Connor flies the nest leaving Christine feeling irritable and upset. After one too many run-ins with Simon, she is uninvited to a staff get together and is left feeling lonelier than ever.

A thrilled Vix can’t wait to spread the news about the engagement but Nikki blows hot and cold as she prepares for a visit from her daughter, Eve.