Gerard Findlay
Portrayed by Alex Norton
Born 20th December 1958
Occupation Headmaster of Havelock Academy

Gerard Findlay is the headmaster of rival private school, Havelock High. He has a very different philosophy to teaching from Michael and they clash instantly. He's the main antagonist of the five episodes of Series 8.


Havelock vs. Waterloo RoadEdit

When Waterloo Road moves to Scotland it receives mostly positive reviews from the press, apart from one article stating that the headmaster of Havelock High is discontented. Michael attempts to build bridges with Findlay, so when Grantly's car is graffitied by some local Havelock students, Michael urges him to not contact the police.

Findlay finds a newspaper article about Michael's past, saying that he had brought injury to his father. He spreads the articles around the school building and is not stopped when Grantly catches him. He almost succeeds after Lorraine is horrified by the news and Michael's job is put on the line. He plays the story up by making false allegations that Michael had assaulted him too.

Waterloo Road and Havelock High have their first inter-school competition, and Havelock's star pupil Liberty is expected to win being a rising athelete. She reveals to Audrey that it was her that gave Havelock the bad review, expressing concerns that the headmaster will threaten her chances at university. She begs to get a place at Waterloo Road, but Michael thinks it best that he doesn't take away one of Havelock's most talented pupils, considering the already existing friction between the two schools. Findlay finds out that she was responsible, and threatens her to do well in the competition to make up for it. The pressure to do well causes her to take some of the pills her mother takes for her rheumatoid arthritis, believing that she also has it. She suddenly collapses during the race at is revealed the amount of pressure Findlay put on her.