George Windsor
George Windsor
Portrayed by Angus Deayton
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 27
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 20
Cause/Reason End of the programme
Born 18th July 1958
Occupation Modern Languages Teacher

Deputy Head (Series 9 Ep3-Ep18)

Mother Marjorie Windsor (Deceased)
Spouse(s) Princess Windsor
Romances Carol Barry

George Windsor was probably Waterloo Road's most cynical Teacher, perhaps even as cynical as former English Teacher Grantly Budgen. He appears in Series 8 Episode 27 and reappears in Episode 29 onwards, he has spent time in China and moved back to the UK with his wife Princess Windsor.


George is a Modern languages teacher and a former acquaintance of Christine Mulgrew, who joined Waterloo Road as a supply teacher when many staff were on strike. Nikki came to dislike him because of his patronising and cynical attitude. He also upset Harley Taylor and Rhiannon Salt when he took over the ailing Grantly Budgen's classroom and attempted to dispose of Grantly's belongings

Windsor attempted to teach Mandarin Chinese but could not teach it without the aid of his wife who was from China.

George gradually became more and more loyal to Christine and was eventually asked by her to be Deputy Head alongside Simon Lowsley. However when Vaughan took over Waterloo Road, the two of them are in constant strain with each other leaving George to leave the school at one point (Series 10 Episode 2). He later admitted himself to be "arrogant and acid-tongued" to his snobby mother, angrily blaming her for her influence on him. Despite his early unpleasantness, he has lately revealed himself to be a reasonably decent individual (especially in the last series), albeit a world-weary one with a bitingly sarcastic sense of humour.

Whilst George temporarily left, he came back on Series 10 Episode 10 to tell Vaughan that Havelock High wants to expand their Science block leading Waterloo Road to be closed. However unknown to Vaughan and other staff, he has secretly been working with the council in a bid to get a job through the merger, although in the last episode he changes his mind and manages to stop the merger by threatening to blackmail his council's girlfriend. He has not told Vaughan or Christine clearly on how the merger was stopped but hinted that a particular student (Bonnie Kincaid) made him change his mind.


"We expect a terror threat every morning, perhaps a bomb tomorrow, or an acid attack."