Finn Sharkey
Portrayed by Jack McMullen
First Appearance Series 5 Ep 11
Last Appearance Series 7 Ep 30
Cause/Reason Finished school
Born 1993
Occupation Student
Mother Mrs Sharkey
Father Ryan Sharkey
Romances Amy Porter
Siobhan Mailey
Jess Fisher
Sambuca Kelly
Trudi Siddiqui
Children Trudi Siddiqui's unborn child (Miscarriage)

Finn Sharkey is a former pupil from Waterloo Road. He is the best friend of Josh StevensonTom Clarkson's son. Introduced in Series 5, he is portrayed as the bad boy with a troubled past, being excluded from his previous schools and having a history with Chris Mead, who's car he set on fire. Finn's parents are often absent, leading him to live alone most of the time. He relies on girls to feel secure but implies that he has been depressed and felt suicidal in the past when trying to commit suicide with Amy Porter.

Series 5

Finn was particularly close to Chris Mead a science teacher at Waterloo Road who he knew before coming to Waterloo and who saved him from killing himself and later stood against Finn's absent father. Finn was the boyfriend of Sambuca Kelly who died of a brain tumour, he went into depression until he met Trudi Siddiqui and fell in love with her.

Finn is Waterloo Road’s brixton bad boy. Introduced in Series 5, where he almost convinced Amy Porter into a Suicide pact, Finn has not had an easy life. Finn’s parents are often absent, and he often lives on his own. Finn relies on his friends and girls to feel secure. Finn knew he wanted Jess Fisher from the moment he laid eyes on her, but Josh wasn't convinced she'd go for a year 11. 

Finn has never been comfortable in his own skin, but in series six a tentative romance began between him and Sambuca and for the first time, Finn found a girl who was actually a stabilising influence.  When Sam's little brother, Denzil Kelly began veering off the rails, Finn really tried to help get his head straight, even rescuing Denzil from a potentially life-threatening prank, which put Finn in hospital unsure of whether he’ll ever walk again. Deep down this bad boy wants to be good. Series 7 sees him struggle to come to terms with Sam’s diagnosis and question whether he’s brave enough to be at her side until the end. He is helped in this tragedy by Lauren Andrews, Amy PorterDenzil KellyJosh Stevenson and Tom Clarkson.

Finn is still trying to come to terms with the loss of Sambuca and move on with his life when he met Trudi Siddiqui and fell in love with her. Trudi's brother Tariq Siddiqui does not agree with their relationship, but later does until Finn joins the rival gang of both Tariq and fellow student Kyle Stack. Finn then left the gang after he was pressured into burning down the Siddiqui's shed, distraught because Trudi had broken up with him. Although he did not realise Naseem Siddiqui was in the shed so he then stood against them and saved Naseem's life. The chief of the gang later showed up at school and attacked Finn, tried to kidnap him, but Finn was helped in the confrontation by Josh. Josh was later kidnapped but was saved by Ronan Burley and his father, Tom. Finn's rival, Kyle Stack later decided to kill him on Eugene's order by killing him with a crossbow at the prom ball. Josh discovers the truth and goes with Tom to the ball to save Finn, Josh saw Kyle with the crossbow and stood between him and Finn. Josh was then shot in the shoulder with the bow by Kyle who was arrested and imprisoned. In the ambulance, Finn said goodbye to Josh, who left for Scotland, and announced that he would go to Canada with Trudi to go to university. 


Josh Stevenson

Finn and Josh are best friends and have been since they first met in Waterloo Road. Their friendship has had many ups and downs, one of the most infamous being when Josh tried to kiss Finn in the boys' locker room, leading to Josh coming out as gay. Finn was not accepting at first, picking on his friend, but eventually, they reunited once Josh gave Finn an ultimatum of accepting him for who he is or leaving him alone. Finn shows worry for Josh plenty of times, like when Josh started hitting the fire alarm although it was already going off, unaware as he was schizophrenic. Once Josh was diagnosed with schizophrenia, Finn was not there for him, but apologises in the ambulance after Josh saves him from being shot by a crossbow that was fired by Kyle Stack. The two left on good terms.

Trudi Siddiqui

Trudi is noticed almost instantly on her first day at Waterloo Road by Finn, but was not so accepted by his friends, particularly Lauren Andrews, who were still grieving the death of Sambuca Kelly, Finn's ex-girlfriend. Trudi, unaware of Sambuca's death, argued with Finn about him having a girlfriend and leading her on but apologised once she found out that Sambuca had passed away. The two start a happy relationship but one that is unaccepted by Trudi's brother Tariq. Halfway through their eventful relationship, Trudi falls pregnant with Finn's baby but unable to tell him, reluctantly tells her brother Tariq. Trudi breaks up with Finn by telling him she doesn't love him and still unaware of her pregnancy, he walks away angrily. Trudi and Tariq arrange for a termination but upon arrival, Trudi cannot go through with it. She later, in the girls' bathroom, miscarriages, but is found by Sian Diamond, who informs Finn of her pregnancy and miscarriage. They eventually get back together, reclaiming their status as head boy and head girl, and by the end of their time at Waterloo Road, the two moved to Canada to study in university.

Amy Porter

Sambuca Kelly


"Finn Sharkey, I start today. Lucky old Waterloo Road ey." - First Line

"It's alright mate, it's not your fault your daddy won't let you play out."

Finn: "Jess, did you see the look on his face?" Jess: "You're embarrassing you, snogging in classrooms like a bunch of teenagers." Finn: "We are a pair of teenagers."

"What a tool"

"See you in a bit yeah" - Final words