Eve Boston
Portrayed by Sophie Skelton
First Appearance Series 9 Episode 7 (Lies Mothers Tell)
Parents Stuart Cooper
Nikki Boston

Eve Boston is the long lost daughter of Teacher Nikki Boston who turns up at the school looking for Nikki after running away from her home where she lives with her dad. Eve grew up thinking her mum died but when she finds out her mum is alive she sets out to find her. Eve meets Kacey and they don't hit it off , Eve and Kacey have a small fight. Nikki phones Eve's father to tell him that Eve is at the school. Eve discovers that Nikki was going to have an abortion and didn't want anything to do with her growing up. Eve is angry and upset when she finds out this information and lashes out at Nikki by telling her she hates her and doesn't want to see her ever again outside the school , Kacey hears and goes to confront Eve and they talk about Nikki , Eve cries on Kacey's lap. Nikki is naturally upset. But, later in the series, she maintains an optimistic relationship with her mother and acts coolly upon finding out that Nikki has a crush on Vix.