Esther Fairclough
Portrayed by Daniela Nardini
First Appearance Series 8 Episode 25
Last Appearance Series 8 Episode 28
Occupation Acting Head of Science

Esther Fairclough is a maverick science teacher who joins Waterloo Road in Series 8C. She makes an ally to Lula Tsibi to campaign against Vivisection, and more specifically Nox Pharmaceuticals. 

She left Waterloo Road after being exposed as the person behind the protests about Nox.

She appeared in 4 episodes.



Esther is a maverick science teacher who revolves her life around her self. She joined as the replacement of Sian Diamond as acting head of science. Lula found an unlikely ally in Esther, but Lula got out of hand and Nikki suggested for Lula to phycriatist . Lula attempted To attack Lorraine Donnegan because she had a share in Nox Pharmaceuticals, but Lula unfortunately attacked Esther by accident . Esther came clear to Tom that it was her fault, so Tom had said he'll drive her to the Police Station, but she had already disappeared when Tom got the classroom.