Estelle Cooper
Portrayed by Judith Barker
First Appearance Series 1, Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 1, Episode 8
Cause/Reason Resigned For Personal Reasons
Occupation School Secretary

Estelle Cooper was the secretary of Brian Vaisey (unknown- 2006) and Jack Rimmer (2006-2007). Estelle left for an unknown reason in between the "Summer" of Series 1 and 2. 

Jack Rimmer quoted in S2 Ep 1 "She left me in the lurch."

Estelle Cooper is the School Secretary throughout series 1. She has a good working relationship with Jack Rimmer, and displays strong loyalty towards him. She resigns from her post between series 1 and 2, leaving Jack without a secretary at the start of a new term.

Quotes Edit

S1 EP 1 to Jack Rimmer- " I will be happy to work under you"