Eddie Lawson
Eddie lawson
Portrayed by Neil Morrissey
First Appearance Series 3 Episode 01
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 20
Cause/Reason Left to raise his child with Melissa Ryan
Occupation Maths Teacher, Deputy Head
Romances Melissa Ryan
Rachel Mason
Children Michael Lawson
Stephen Lawson (deceased)
Melissa Ryan's unborn child

Eddie Lawson is charismatic and an inspirational teacher with a genuine passion for the job. He has a natural authority and the pupils know not to cross him, but underneath he’s warm and self-deprecating. He has a down to earth approach to teaching but he’s also not afraid of change. He’s also a strong believer in inclusion, which Waterloo Road is keen to embrace, and an expert on vocational education – believing it can really deliver the goods. All these traits endear him to headteacher Rachel but their chances of a romantic relationship were cut short when it emerged he was the father of Melissa’s unborn baby and she asked him to leave Waterloo Road.

During his time at Waterloo Road he becomes a fatherly figure towards Philip Ryan, whose mother leaves him after Philip talks of her multiple bigamy that splits up her engagement with Eddie.

He was also very close with Paul Langley, a pupil who was abused by his uncle and attempted to kill him until Jack Rimmer and Eddie stopped Paul.

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