Baby Kelly
Portrayed by Unknown
Cause/Reason Taken by Social service
Mother Jade
Father Earl Kelly
Grandmothers Rose Kelly (Paternal)
Aunts Sambuca Kelly (Deceased)
Uncles Marley Kelly
Denzil Kelly (Deceased)
Prince Kelly

Baby Kelly is the son of Earl Kelly from another relationship with Jade that was messed up and didn't want it. He was planning to sell the baby. It was believed to have been taken by Social Services when Max and Jade called the police. He is the grandson of Rose Kelly and the nephew of Marley KellySambuca Kelly (Sam), Denzil Kelly and Prince Kelly .

He is a baby that Earl fathered with Jade, an ex from where the Kelly family lived before joining Waterloo Road. Earl and Jade planned to sell the baby on the black market for £5000, and neither truly cared for the child. Originally, the baby was concieved under false pretentions by Earl telling Jade that they should 'start a family, and all live happily ever after'. However, this did not go to plan as the Kelly family moved away with Earl keeping no contact with Jade or his son. Earl also said these things to Maxine Barlow, his girlfriend at Waterloo Road. One day Jade travelled to Waterloo Road and met Earl at the school and starting demanding the money he owed her. Maxine saw the two fighting and went to ask Jade what was going on, and Jade told Maxine about the baby, saying it belonged to Earl and was just 3 days old, and that if she didn't believe her then she should go see it. Maxine then followed Jade to an abandoned house, where she had left the baby and claimed 'it just won't stop crying'. Jade told Maxine that Earl had said that they were going to have a family and live happily but then decided to sell the baby, but, realising that this is what Earl was planning to do to Maxine, Maxine subsequenty broke up with Earl, after what Jade told Maxine, which eventually led to Earl fatally shooting her once things got too much,