Donte Charles
Donte charles
Portrayed by Adam Thomas
First Appearance Series 1 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 4 Episode 20
Cause/Reason Graduated and To move away with Chlo and to raise Izzie
Born 1991
Occupation Student
Father Clarence Charles
Spouse(s) Chlo Grainger
Romances Celine Dixon
Daughters Izzie Charles

Donte Charles was Waterloo Road's original bad boy however when his irresponsible behaviour caused the death of his best friend Adam Deardon and himself a stint in prison he soon sorted himself out. He is devoted to his young wife Chlo and was more than supportive when she announced that she was pregnant with their daughter Izzie. A budding entrepreneur, Donte is always looking for new ways to support his family even if they're not always on the right side of the law. During his time at Waterloo Road he was also close to his father Clarence Charles and good friends Janeece Bryant and Lewis Seddon. At the end of Series Four Donte graduates from Waterloo Road and moves to Manchester with Chlo and Izzie. Donte was portrayed by Adam Thomas. Donte is also dyslexic.


  • "Hand it over" (first line)
  • "If we both say we done it, we cancel each other out, That's what the law says"
  • "I bet Satan gets loads of awkward letters at Christmas from dyslexic children" - Donte was dyslexic
  • "I reckon Leicester will win the league in 2016" speaking in 2008


  • Chlo Grainger
    • First Relationship
      • Start Up: Before Series One Episode One
      • Broke Up: Series One Episode Six
        • Reason: Chlo was willing to let Donte take all the blame for the crash
    • Second Relationship (married)
      • Start Up: Series One Episode Eight
      • Broke Up: Series Three Episode Four
        • Reason: Chlo cheated on Donte with Brett
    • Third Relationship
      • Start Up: Series Three Episode Twenty/Before Series Four Episode One
      • Chlo and Donte get back together and have baby Izzie charles