Dominic Hammond was a Year 10 student at Waterloo Road. A close friend of BoltonPaul and Shahid, he attended both the camping and prison trips organised by Rachel to help unruly pupils.

In 3x15 he featured in a minor plotline which saw him trying to figure out his sexual identity. Dom told Matt he was having issues with his sexual identity, but at the end he admitted he just didn`t have a strong atraction to girls and just prefered being around boys.

He was last seen at the end of 3x20, watching with fellow pupils as fire fighters battled to control the fire that had destroyed the school canteen. He was played by Joel Goonan.

Although his first appearance is said to be in episode 3x8 when he and a few other year 10 students went on a trip to Derbyshire, it is worth noting that he was seen in 2x2 watching the local newsagent having a nervous breakdown and throwing his products at the school from his van.

He was also seen on 3x1 playing with a football in the playground at the beginning.

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